Martial Flowdart rig w/o lights by Flowtoys


A great leap forward in kungfu rope dart props, the martial dart is designed by Flowtoys in collaboration with the Rope Dart Academy.

Modeled after the classic Chinese rope dart, this ancient discipline is making a comeback in the flow arts.

Sold individually without light unit(s) or flowcap.

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This martial flowdart includes:

  • 1x 2FX polycarbonate tube w/ 3D-printed cord connector
  • 2x flowmass
  • 1x 14′ length of dart rope with knotted handle – Comes standard with cotton rope.  Ask us if you’d like us to replace with a different rope.
  • 1x ripstop laser-cut nylon dart flag
  • 1x dart loop
  • the potential for bad-ass martial flow 🙂

Tech Specs

Dart head weight (w/o lights):


Dart head dimensions:

length 280mm | diameter 24mm (11″x1″)
1FX polycarbonate tube | 17.2cm / 6.7″ | accommodates 1 flowlight or 1 capsule light


  • braided cotton cord: 4m/14′ length with loop

Dart loop:

loop of braided paracord, 1g; no o-ring needed, rope knot slips into loop

Dart flag:

1g | 32.5cm x 28cm


polycarbonate plastic tube shaft & cord connector, polyurethane flowmass