HDPE Isogeng/S-rings – Isolation Illusion Props

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We couldn’t decide if we should call these Isogeng or S-rings.  A hybrid between geng and 8-rings.
While 8-rings work best when they’re played with on one plane, and plane-changes are not so easy,  S-rings have a gap in the rings that makes it easier to move around 🙂

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These are a hybrid shape between Buugeng and 8-rings. Not quite staffs. Not quite rings.
They are designed so that you can perform similar isolation illusion techniques to 8-rings, except the gap in the circles allows you to turn with them to a different plane orientation with weaving motions.  This is something I have always found to be a limitation with 8-rings for smooth playing.

8-rings (or in this case S-rings) are props used to create illusions.  Buugeng (or in this case, Isogeng), and also illusion props, that use moving overlapping curves to create visual effects.  They come in a pair, and one piece is used in each hand. Illusions are created by moving the shapes around and across each other in different timings and directions.

The prop is usually held in the middle, and the method of making them spin is finger twirling.  With these S-shaped “rings”, the gap creates a whole different set of shapes you can play with.  They are better for finger-twirling-isolations than they are for weaving and extensions, but they work for both 🙂

HDPE Isogeng are small and lightweight, super durable, feel great.  The white HDPE shines up in UV light!

Made from precision CNC cut 10mm HDPE plastic, with with rounded edges for comfort.


  • Machine cut and hand-routed.
  • Each set consists of 2 single piece S-rings.
  • Smoothly rounded edges for comfort.
  • Lightweight for easy finger twirling.

Tech Specs:

  • Weight: 210g (7.4oz) per individual geng.
  • Length: 510mm (20 inches)
  • Width: 265mm (10.5 inches)
  • Ring thickness: 19mm (3/4 inches)
  • HDPE thickness: 10mm (2/5 inches)