Duncan Butterfly XT™ Bearing Yo-Yo


The Butterfly XT™ is a high performance 1A-style yo-yo at a budget, from Duncan®  – The world’s first and No.1 Yo-Yo brand.  Ideal for beginners pushing their yo-yo game.  The Butterfly XT is the entry level model in the Duncan Hardcore range.

Sold Individually


Based on the world famous Butterfly®, the Butterfly XT™ is a classic design with modern technology.  It features a ball-bearing axle, offering 10x the spin time of the original Butterfly®.  It boasts a take-apart design for easy knot removal and starburst response design for snappy returns to the hand.  These features make Butterfly XT™ perfect for a beginner to intermediate player looking for high performance at a great price!

With a flared classic butterfly shape, a steel axle, and a durable body that can withstand impact, this is an excellent yo-yo for learning the basics.

Available in various colour options.  Provided with blister pack packing.

Tech Specs:

  • Diameter: 56mm
  • Width: 36.5mm
  • Shape: Classic Butterfly
  • Player Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Axle Type: Size C Bearing
  • Style: 1A
  • Response System: Starburst
  • Weight: 59.66g