Double loop poi handle with swivel


Designed for durability when performing advanced routines.

Ball bearing swivels for a free-flowing spinning experience.

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This seemingly small accessory is actually a massive game-changer in the realm of poi spinning, offering comfort, control, and that oh-so-satisfying fluid motion that keeps the crowd cheering for more!

The double loop poi handle, a marvel of simplicity and efficiency.  With one loop for the middle finger and another for the index.  No more slip-ups or fly-aways; these handles are like an extension of your own limbs, allowing for a range of movements as wide as your imagination permits.

Enter the swivel – the unsung hero of the poi world. This tiny dynamo resides at the junction where the handle meets the tether and performs a pivotal role in the grand performance.  It’s the swivel that turns mere spinning into a ballet of cords, ensuring twists and turns don’t transform into a tangled web of woe.  But the swivel is more than just a tool for avoiding tangles; it’s an enhancer of tricks and a facilitator of finesse. Want to add a little extra flair to your buzzsaws or an extra twist to your butterfly?  The swivel is ready to oblige, letting your poi rotate independently of your hand movement, creating a spectacle of visual intricacies that captivate onlookers. It’s the difference between a simple rotation and a symphony of spins, each beat of the tether singing in harmony with your rhythm.

Tech Specs

  • Double loop black cotton finger handles
  • 0.20g
  • stainlesssteel no.9 swivel

Sold Individualy