Duncan Pulse™ – Loop-Style LED Yo-Yo


The Duncan Pulse Yo-Yo features unique LED light-up technology.  The lights pulse, blink and change colours and patterns as the yo-yo spins!

Similar to the Limelight™ LED Yo-Yo, except the Pulse features a ball-bearing axle for even longer spin times and friction stickers for easy returns.  Used by world champions!

Remember to charge your LED props!

Sold individually – batteries included


Duncan toys Pulse™ LED light-up yo-yo, intermediate level yo-yo with ball bearing axle and LED lights, made by Duncan® – The world’s first and No.1 Yo-Yo brand.  The Pulse Yo-yo makes a brilliant LED light show for a classic beginner’s Yo-yo.

The Pulse Yo-Yo is one of Duncan’s intermediate level yo-yo models, specially designed for more advanced skill levels and looping tricks.  Also great for wrap-style tricks!  Most dramatic and effective when used in 2A styles of play.

The Duncan Pulse is well-weighted and comes complete with batteries and string in a smart presentation pack.

We also stock other LED yo-yos with the same Pulse™ LED lights: The Limelight™ LED Yo-Yo is designed for beginners, and the Duncan Freehand Zero LED Yo-Yo is a 5A style intermediate LED yo-yo with an LED counterweight.


  • Ball bearing axle for long spins: This yo-yo has a special ball-bearing axle to ensure long spin times.  This axle setup employs a yo-yo sleeve with tiny metal balls inside which allows the yo-yo to turn freely.
  • Durable construction: Made from a durable, high-impact polycarbonate plastic designed to withstand plenty of use.
  • LED light-up yo-yo
  • Classic rim-weighted shape
  • Player level: Beginner – Intermediate

Tech Specs:

  • Response System: Duncan Friction Stickers
  • Style: 2A Looping
  • Axle type: Size A -Duncan
  • Diameter: 57.5mm
  • Weight: 55.6g
  • Shape: Slim; Streamline