Infinity Blaze Yo-Yo


The Infinity Blaze Yo-Yo is a high-quality yo-yo suitable for all skill levels, featuring a sleek design and smooth spinning action for impressive tricks and stunts. For beginners and more advanced tech this yo-yo comes alive with 1A style play .


The Infinity Blaze Yo-Yo is the ultimate toy for yo-yo enthusiasts of all ages. Made with high-quality materials, this yo-yo is designed for smooth and long-lasting spins. Its vibrant color and sleek design make it a stylish accessory for both beginners and advanced players. With its adjustable string length, it can be customized to suit individual preferences. Whether you’re a professional yo-yo player or just starting out, the Infinity Blaze Yo-Yo will provide endless hours of entertainment and skill-building fun. Get ready to amaze your friends with impressive tricks and stunts with this top-of-the-line yo-yo! The Blaze features a Butterfly shape for easy string catching tricks and comes in a nice selection of transparent colours. With a responsive, bearing axle yo-yo and is ideal for beginner/intermediate players.  It has a snappy return but sleeps enough to allow more complex tricks to be learned.


Tech Specs:

  • Shape: Butterfly
  • Type of shells:  Transparent colour Plastic
  • Player level: Everyone – 1A
  • Axle Type: Bearing
  • Style: 1A
  • Responsive system: Silicone Pad
  • Weight of the yo-yo: 70g
  • Diameter: 55mm