Flow-flower Kit by Flowtoys


Transform your flow by adding flowers to your staff, baton or other tubing-based prop!

These flowers add weight and slow the rotation of your prop in both axis, changing the handling dramatically. They also maintain some rolling inertia, acting like a little dragon-staff. Slow your roll 😉

Flow-flower kits are compatible with all flowtoys composite props and 1″ diameter tubing-based staves – and anything else with approximately 1″/25mm diameter.

Note: Flowers may show burn or heat marks from the laser-cutting process. It’s not dirty. It’s lasers 🙂

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Comes with:

  • a pair of silicone flowers
  • low-profile buttons, one for each end of your prop

Flow-flower Design

This design is laser cut and etched by SoulMindStudios with beautiful art by Prisna 🙂 Simply wrap around your tube and fasten with a button – genius original design!

You can add these to your Composite LED CONTACT Staff – 4-capsule V2 by Flowtoys

Tech Specs

Weight: 72g
Petal length: 100mm