Flowtoys Flowcap (sold individually)


The universal flowtoys flowcap – compatible with all flowtoys light units!

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Behold the universal flowtoys flowcap – compatible with all flowtoys light units and clicks in securely to all your flowtoys tubes.

Engineered for optimum performance, modularity, ease of use, comfort and beauty, the flowcap has a thick and durable silicone shell that seals out dirt and moisture, adds mass to your flow, and cushions your prop and your head on impact.

Easily press your capsule button and access all the awesome modes of the capsule light through the integrated recessed button on the end of the flowcap. The inner, polycarbonate “snap cap” connects directly to a capsule light, or a flowlight with a flowlight adaptor. Snaps securely to flowtoys modular tubes and releases instantly with a firm twist.

  • Vision compatibility: If you are using vision props, please choose to add a vision adaptor.
  • Capsule compatibility: If your capsule came in a pod, you will need to remove the C-ring to insert it into the flowcap.
  • Check capsule o-ring: If your o-ring is missing/torn, you will need a new o-ring.
  • Flowlight compatibility:  If you are using flowlights, please choose to add a flowlight adaptor.
Tech Specs

Weight: 28 grams