Fire Poi Chains – Stainless Steel Oval Twist Link with Swivels


Stainless steel oval twist-link chains with swivels welded on to a streamlined ring on the end.  These were specifically designed for fire poi, and have been a staple of the global flow arts industry for many years.

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The Fire Poi Chains are an essential accessory for fire performers and enthusiasts.  Made from durable stainless steel, these oval twist-link chains are designed to withstand intense heat and heavy use.  Equipped with swivels, they allow for smooth and fluid movements, enhancing your performance.  Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, these fire poi chains provide the perfect combination of safety, durability, and performance.

These are high quality oval twist link chains made from strong 2.4mm links.  Allows for wraps, hyperloops and orbitals are super comfortable thanks to buttery ball-bearing swivels.

Sold Individually


  • Chains slide smoothly over your body to minimize catching and provide additional comfort.
  • Ball bearing swivels for doing hyperloops, orbitals, and air wraps.

Tech Specs

  • 2.4mm oval twist welded chain.
  • No.9 ball bearing swivel.
  • 22 inch / 55.8 cm