This page will be updated every now and then with photos of flow arts and fire dancing related things. Enjoy 🙂

Solo fire on the beach

Duncan with various fire props.
Photography by Jason Paul Hermann.
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Fire Flower Sticks Flower Patterns

Duncan’s early experiments with slow-shutter photography in 2011/2012 – examples of in-spin and anti-spin “flower patterns” with fire flower sticks.
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Podpoi Pictures

When one gets their hands on large quantities of podpoi, one gets a bit carried away…
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Poi Flower Patterns

For now it’s just 3 photos of David, but we’ll probably add more later.
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Photo Competition 2016

We had a competition for the coolest flow arts photo in July 2016. These are the entries. The first 3 were the winners.
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Photos of Moodhoops LED hoops

We seem to have a fascination with taking photos of the shiniest of our stock. These were taken when Flow DNA first started selling LED hoops in 2015.
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Duncan and sticks through the years

Just some photos of Duncan and his juggling sticks in various locations.
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