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Vibemasters – Sandbag Ribbon Poi


Sandbag ribbon poi, is a unique range of hand-sewn, locally-made poi for dance and exercise.

Sold as a pair


Vibemasters – Sandbag ribbon poi, a unique and immaculate range of hand-sewn poi for dance and exercise alike, for all to play, meditate and best of all exercise.

Hand-sewn poi made locally in South Africa by poi pro Marthina – the owner of Vibemasters.  Marthina is well-known in the festive industry and has a comprehensive understanding of what makes a perfect practice poi.  These are a great pair of poi for beginners and pro-spinners alike – who love colours and fluttery things: introducing a variety of beautiful aerodynamic fabrics including local fabrics and designs.

The weights are filled with 105g hand-sewn sandbags, creating a comfy weight for spinning.

These poi look stunning during the day and their tails will trace your patterns in the air.  Those with neon ripstop fabric ribbon tails will also glow in UV light making them exceptional. The easy attachment design of the tails gives you the freedom to add to, change or adjust whatever you would like fluttering behind your poi.

Attached to the end you have fingerloop-grips for comfort and safe spinning.


  • Double-finger loop handles
  • Comfortable weight for optimal spinning pleasure
  • Easily adjustable tail attachment design

Tech Specs:

  • Head weight: 105g
  • Tether cord thickness: 3mm
  • Tail length: 77cm and adjustable