Juggle Dream Jumbo Hurricane Triple Bearing Diabolo


A Jumbo sized bearing diabolo with colourful translucent cups from Juggle Dream.

Sold individually without handsticks


The Jumbo Hurricane Triple Bearing Diabolo is a Jumbo sized bearing diabolo from European Juggling Company “Juggle Dream”.  The Hurricane is the big brother of the hugely popular Cyclone Quartz.

Due to its high quality bearing the Hurricane picks up speed quickly and will spin for more than twenty times longer than standard diabolos.  This allows players to do longer multi trick sequences without needing to stop and generate more spin and the wide axle also makes tricks like finger grinds much easier.

The Hurricane’s translucent, scratch resistant TPE cups will handle drops from even the highest throws and really look the business.  Being jumbo sized (4”cups), with most of the weight focused in the rims, the Hurricane Triple Bearing Diabolo is incredibly stable at all speeds.

The Hurricane is ideal for all ages and skill levels. It is the perfect option for those looking to get their first bearing diabolo, or upgrade from a single bearing diabolo.

This product does not come with handsticks.  Follow the links provided for top quality handsticks – Superglass, Super Grind and Aluminium Handsticks.


  • 24mm Triple Bearing axle
  • Spins for up to 20x longer than a standard diabolo
  • Clear shell
  • Can be combined with LED kits.

Tech Specs

  • 130mm cup diameter
  • Width: 150mm
  • Weight: 330g