Flowtoys fuzzy podpoi covers – fluoro fire


Fuzzy covers for your podpoi with flouro fire themed colours.

Sold as a Pair – Poi not included.

In stock

Note: This can be backordered
- If you purchase more than we have on hand, you will see a note on the cart page.
- Send and email to sales@flowdna.co.za to request info on lead-times

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Keep your poi warm and in style!  These soft fuzzy covers are great for extra fun flair, and they fit perfectly on your podpoi.  Note that while light will shine through, the covers won’t show your light trails as visibly.  Cushy and brightly colored, fuzzy poi are perfect for learning and daytime flow.  The yellow (and to a lesser extent the red) fur also pop in UV light 🙂

While they also fit over other similar sized poi, these are specifically designed to fit snugly on to podpoi, so we recommend you get yourself a pair of podpoi here.

We also have to option to purchase fuzzy daytime poi here.


  • They’re fluffy, pretty and fit over podpoi!


  • If covers get dirty, handwash gently and air dry only.  Please remove them from your podpoi before washing 😉