Echo Orbit Pro – LED USB Multifunction Poi


Echo Orbit is a fantastic set of highly durable, highly customizable, 50-function contact LED poi.

Remember to charge your LED props!

Sold as a Pair.


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Brand: Echo


The Echo Orbit Pro are a highly customizable set of LED poi for all abilities and grip styles.  If you like a single-loop poi handle (perfect for beginners), we’ve got you covered. The included pair is super soft and comfy to grip and comes fixed to a smooth bearing swivel.  If your style incorporates throws, catches, gunslingers, or contact poi tricks, you will appreciate the included Glow in the Dark Pro Silicone Poi Handles.  You can even pull the single loop poi handle through the Silicone Poi Handle and tie a knot to incorporate the swivel for smooth and continuous hyper-spins!


Light up the night with 4x superbright LEDs per poi head!








8 colours and 42 different modes, including, Slow colour fade, Fast colour change, and Strobing.








Simple one-button operation. Hold for 5 seconds to turn on/off. Press once to change colour, and press twice quickly to change the mode!


  • Easily adjustable length cords up to 58cm/23 inches. Suitable for all sizes.
  • Soft poi heads for beginners, 130g weight for intermediate to expert.
  • Pro-level handles and cords. Highly customisable for beginners to experts.
  • 50 colour modes
  • Superbright LEDs.
  • USB rechargeable.
  • Durable and simple to operate.