Pair of Twaron® Fire Poi Cords by Flow DNA


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The next step in fire poi cords technology is finally in South Africa!  Alternatives to chain have been making waves in the international flow arts community in recent years, and Flow DNA is bringing this revolutionary idea to South African shores.

Working just as a chain would, this cord is 5 times stronger than steel, and extremely heat resistant, and yet much lighter, more comfortable, and more affordable!  It is so much smoother on your fingers when gripping the tether.  No more pinching your fingers when wrapping around your hands, and it won’t burn you like hot metal does.  It is also much lighter, making it feel more like your practice poi.

Please be aware: The way these cords are made uses a brummel splice on both ends.  This is the strongest way to connect the cords to the handle and head.  This does however cause the middle of the tether to be slightly thinner that the rest of it, and it means the ends of the cords to stick out of the middle of the tether (this looks like fraying).  We assure you that this does not mean your cords are unraveling!  This is purely aesthetic, and while we are well aware that it doesn’t look the best, it is the safest and strongest way that we know of to make these cords.  This is the method used by the leading fire poi makers in the world and does not compromise the quality, safety or strength of this product.

We have made 3 options to suit every spinners needs!

  • The Single Loop option is a single loop handle that comes straight out of the cord, the Twaron® fibres are so soft that it also makes a very comfortable loop handle – with this option you can also purchase some silicone knobs and attach them yourself.
  • The Single Loop with Swivel has the Home of Poi V2 super comfortable single loop handles with buttery smooth ball bearing swivels, making orbitals a dream.
  • Or you can get a Glow Knob with Swivel, this uses the Home of Poi silicone glow knob with ball bearing swivels, so the world of tosses opens up!  With Twaron® cord, tosses also become much more comfortable and easier as the cord slides through your fingers with ease.

There are also 3 standard lengths to choose from; 40cm, 45cm and 50cm.  If you would like a different length please contact us so we can tailor make your cords to your specifications!  (Please see the images above to see what distance we are using for these figures)

Twaron® is a para-aramid fibre with similar physical properties to Kevlar® and Technora®.   They are all designed to be  strong, light, and extremely resistant materials, being incredibly strong, resistant to abrasion, chemical and UV damage, and very heat resistant.  Kevlar® is traditionally used as fire prop wick.  The most popular fibre to use for chain alternatives has been Technora®, a name you may recognise if you’ve looked into alternative fire poi cords.  Teijin is the company that makes both Twaron® and Technora®. After some research we have found that for South Africa it is more accessible to use Twaron® than Technora®, with the same benefits.

If you are looking for fire poi heads, check out our Fire Poi category!  We recommend making a pair of your own monkey fist heads, because making your own things is just so much better 🙂

Note: Although it is heat resistant, it is not fire-proof, so we do not recommend direct contact with flames.  To avoid this, we’ve added just a little bit of stainless steel chain on the end so that the cords are kept away the fire poi heads.  We also added on a super strong stainless steel quicklink so that you can easily attach them to any head you choose.

IMPORTANT: Do not dip the cords in paraffin, or spill paraffin on the cords, this will cause them to set alight when you do a burn.  Rather add the paraffin to your container first, and then dip the poi heads, being certain to not get the cords in contact with the paraffin. 


  • Fire resistant poi cords that are way more comfortable than chain!
  • Also lighter than chain.
  • Added quicklink to easily add on to your current fire poi heads.
  • Available in 3 different types of handles.
  • Contact us if you require a specific length!

Tech Specs:

  • 5mm 12-strand rope spliced over to make it about 8mm thick.
  • Tensile strength: (GPa) 2.4-3.6
  • Decomposition point: 500°C