Threeworlds Fusion Contact Glow End


Light up the night with these contact-weighted LED glow ends for your collapsible modular Fusion Contact Staff System!

Remember to charge your LED props!

Sold individually – You will need 2 ends + 1 handle to make a Fusion staff.
(batteries not included)


The Fusion Contact Glow End fits the universal Threeworlds Fusion Handle.  The Threeworlds Fusion range lets you switch and change your staff in seconds from fire to glow to dragon.


1 x Fusion Contact Glow End

Silicone Flowers (Optional)

Add a silicone flower to your end as an optional extra to add some extra weight, and add rolling inertia to help slow down the flow momentum.  We highly recommend adding them since they make contact tech so much easier to learn.

The concept of “flop” was invented by an American man named Glenn back in the 60s when created the first ever flower sticks (AKA rhythm sticks).  It took about 40 years for this concept to be transferred over to contact staff, and now it’s pretty standard.  They are sometimes considered by more confident contact staff spinners to be like training wheels.

C5 Light Unit

The custom designed Fusion Glow C5 Light Units allow you to use hundreds of colour modes, you can personally select the colours and models you like most and save them alongside a selection of our favourites! These light units are also interchangeable with the poi, contact staff, single staff, double staff and devilsticks. Each C5 light unit takes 1X AAA battery – Batteries not included due to import issues we are currently working on.  We recommend getting yourself some rechargeables.

Threeworlds C5 light instructions

Fusion Modular System

Compact for Travel

Like all Fusion Staffs, they set up in seconds by simply twisting the handle. The key to the system is the highly engineered patented locking mechanism that’s simple to use and provides superior strength with no wobble or rattle – That’s super important for a balanced flow.

Fusion handle compact for travel.

The kit is super compact – packing down to about one-third its size when disassembled.  With the solidly machined connector, it has no moving parts and collapses down instantly.

Fusion handle twist, instructions.


The Fusion system is totally modular and has been designed to fit any 22mm tubing, which means you can swap the ends to glow, fire, contact, or dragon ends.

Fusion Interchangeable Staff Parts

Tech Specs

  • End Length = 500mm – 650mm
  • 2 X 500mm ends + 1 Fusion Handle will make a 1400mm staff.
  • 2 X 550mm ends + 1 Fusion Handle will make a 1500mm staff.
  • 2 X 600mm ends + 1 Fusion Handle will make a 1600mm staff.
  • 2 X 650mm ends + 1 Fusion Handle will make a 1700mm staff.

Outside Diameter: 22mm

  • Weight 500mm = 210g
  • Weight 550mm = 230g
  • Weight 600mm = 250g
  • Weight 650mm = 270g
  • (flowers add 70g)

Length Selection Guide

To help choose your contact staff length, a trick is to take your height in centimetres and minus 15-20cm.  Select the staff length closest to this measurement.  This is a good length for a balanced staff that isn’t too long.

Keep in mind length is always a personal preference.  Most people prefer their contact staff to be somewhere between the height of their eyes, and the height of their chin, but everyone is different.


Silicone Grip

Gripped with Silicone for a long-lasting grippy feel.

Silicone is an environmentally sound, clean product.  It’s washable and very durable.  It’s the longest-lasting grip and provides excellent grip when dry.  It is also fully washable so you can keep your props looking and feeling good as new.  It is the grippiest of all the grips when dry but it does suffer when wet.  Occasional wipe-downs during your practice might be needed to keep it dry.

Pros and Cons:
++ Extremely long-lasting – you won’t have to replace it often
++ Excellent grip in dry conditions
++ Fully washable to keep it looking and feeling new
++ Transparent so you can see markers underneath for more precise spinning

— Doesn’t handle wet conditions/sweat well. You may have to wipe it down with a dry cloth occasionally during use.

Strong Aluminium Tubing

Made from extruded 7075 Aluminium tube.  Better than any aluminium tube you will find in South Africa – The kind they would use to make space shuttles.  It’s the perfect balance between weight and strength, which means you’ll enjoy this staff for years.

Polycarbonate Tubing

Polycarb is perfect for our glow props as it is naturally transparent allowing light to shine through the entire toy. It is lightweight and strong with a high impact resistance. It has a transparent white look to it that glows bright at night.

Made by Spinners for Spinners

Threeworlds are fire spinners too and know what a great staff feels like.  They have been making fire staffs for over 20 years and have been continually improving our design to bring you the highest quality fire twirling equipment on the market.

Perfectly Weighted

This design ensures that there’s more weight on the ends, which is where you want it, to help the staff build momentum as you spin. A balanced weight; Not too heavy, not too light.

Fusion Troubleshooting

Experiencing issues with your Fusion Staff?
Watch videos on some troubleshooting tips for your Fusion Products Fusion Troubleshooting

Additional information

Weight270 kg
Dimensions56 × 5 × 5 cm

500mm, 550mm, 600mm, 650mm, 700mm

Silicone Flowers

Yes Flowers, No Flowers


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