Fire Palms – Pair by Threewords


A delightfully simple fire palm with a choice of wick finish.

Sold as a pair.

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Fire Palms are a great way to get into fire dancing and entertainment.
They simply slip onto your hand with palms facing upwards, making these an incredibly easy way to add fire to any dance routine.

Threeworlds fire palms come in two sizes – standard and pro.

Standard 1″

Threeworlds smaller palms have a 25mm wick and a 90mm stand between your palm and the wick. These palms use a standard 1″ kevlar wick.

Pro Isis Braid 2″

Threeworlds large palms have a 50mm wick and a 120mm stand between your palm and the wick.

We recommend the smaller size to beginners and above. The small size still has a good sized flame and doesn’t get too warm to hold. Our Pro size is recommended to people who are comfortable with fire as the flame is larger and may feel hotter when holding. Palm braces are the same size.

These are a very popular prop for dancers, particularly belly dancers.

Sold as a pair.