Tatewari Light Fire Poi


A pair of light fire poi aimed at beginners.

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These light fire poi are made right here in Cape Town, by our friend Herman Breytenbach of Tatewari.  These are made with beginners in mind.

For wicking he uses high quality, durable Kevlar® organic (para-aramid) fibre, that has been enhanced with a special blend of non-irritating clothing grade fibreglass yarn.  The continuous filament fibre is brilliant at balancing absorbency, strength, durability, fire rating and user comfort.  The wick is directly attached to durable, comfortable twist link chain.

We then finish off with our own super comfortable single loop handles with ball bearing swivels.

These light fire poi come standard at 52cm in length from where your fingers grip the handle to the end of the poi.  You can shorten the length by undoing the quicklink by the handle (use pliers), and connecting it to one of the lower links in the chain.

For some bigger poi of the same type, check out the Tatewari Medium Fire Poi.

Always use caution when spinning fire poi.  For information on fire safety, check out this Fire Safety Guide.


  • High quality, non-irritating Kevlar® wick.
  • Twist-link chain.
  • Super comfortable single loop handle attached to a ball bearing swivel.

Tech specs:

  • Length (from fingers to end of wick): 52cm
  • Wick width: 75mm
  • Wick diameter: +/- 3.5mm