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Home of Poi Single Silicone Poi Knob with Swivel


A silicone poi knob from Home of Poi with an embedded swivel.



A single silicone knob with in-built swivel for use on Poi cords.


  • Extremely durable Silicone rubber for long life.
  • Ergonomically shaped for comfort and control.
  • Designed specifically for contact Poi knobs.
  • Super smooth ball bearing swivel moulded directly into the handle allows for more control and longer duration orbital spins.

Tech Specs

  • 1 x rounded knob.
  • Silicone rubber.
  • Ring diameter = 13.8mm
  • Wire diameter of ring = 2mm
  • Barrel is approximate size of a No.10 Swivel.
  • Axle, Barrel and Rings are custom made.
  • Weight: 42g each