Short Fire Staff

R850.00 R800.00

A short fire staff that can be used as a spinning staff, or as part of a set of double staffs.

NOTE: This staff was slightly damaged in transport and have been discounted accordingly, for more info see description.



This Short Fire Staff is made by our friend Sebastian Zimmerman, aka Zee Flow Doctor.

These short staffs are designed either for using as double staffs, or as spinning staffs, but have enough weight and grip for some sneaky contact moves as well.

Using a rubber grip tape means that you have a very durable grip section that is also grippy enough to experiment with contact moves, but durable enough that you don’t mind dropping it too much.

The wicks are made using high quality Kevlar® wicking, which will make your fire spinning experience more comfortable by reducing skin irritation when touching the wick.  We use 70cm of 65mm x 3.2mm flat wick giving you a very decent flame size and burn time.

This short fire staff is well balanced and a bit heavier than your average short staff.

At the moment we only have this staff in 90cm and 100cm lengths, but we can make them as 80cm or 110cm staffs as well.  Please contact us at if you would like a different length short staff.

NOTE: These staffs were slightly scratched during transport, so we have put a 5% discount on them.  There is no serious damage and the staffs are still brand new.


  • Grippy and durable rubber grip tape.
  • Well balanced for spinning and contact style play.

Tech Specs:

  • Lengths: 90cm and 100cm
  • Staff Diameter: 22mm
  • Material: Aluminium pole, Kevlar® wick.
  • 90cm weight: 350g
  • 100cm weight: 440g

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