Contact Practice Staff

R1,100.00 R1,040.00

A practice staff made for contact style staff spinning.

NOTE: This staff was slightly damaged in transport and have been discounted accordingly, for more info see description.



This Contact Practice Staff is made by our friend Sebastian Zimmerman, aka Zee Flow Doctor.

This contact practice staff is well balanced and available in either heavy or medium weights.  The heads are made out of rubber and wrapped up with black and white tape.

The spongy neoprene grip is wonderfully grippy for contact style play, and soft enough to make catching the staff much more comfortable.  The grip is however not the most durable so we supply a full extra grip for when the first one wears out.

NOTE: These staffs were slightly scratched during transport, so we have put a 5% discount on them.There is no serious damage however, and the staffs are still brand new.


  • Comfortable and grippy neoprene grip.
  • Well balanced for contact style play.
  • Comes in 2 weight options.

Tech Specs:

  • Length: 1.5m
  • Staff Diameter: 22mm
  • Material: Aluminium pole, rubber ends.
  • Medium weight: 820g
  • Heavy weight: 880g

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