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Pair of LARGE Home of Poi Monkey Fist Fire Poi Wicks


A pair of top quality LARGE Monkey Fist fire poi heads from Home of Poi.

Does not include chain and handles.

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These Large Monkey Fist Fire Poi are another favourite of Flow DNA.  This specific size is for advanced spinners only with an increased weight of 350g per head when soaked and a large ± 90mm head diameter.  The quality woven fire head creates a comet effect, and produces very large flames and an extra long burn time due to the excellent capillary effect for fuel travelling within the rope and to all edges.  These are great for a slow and controlled flow, stalls are beautiful and pendulums make beautiful big balls of flame at the zero points.  The round head with a heavy knob handle makes tosses clean and precise.

Please make sure to stretch and warm up your shoulders and wrists before using these heads, the increased weight adds more chance of injury so be aware of your technique and shoulder stabilisation when spinning.

Comes with strong stainless steel eyebolt that easily attaches to a quicklink, only use stainless steel oval quicklinks, no split rings!  (Our chain with single loop handles has the correct quicklink.)

Buy chain with single loop handles here.

Buy knob handles here. (easily attached to the single loop for tosses)

Always use caution when playing with fire poi.  For information on fire safety, check out this Fire Safety Guide.


  • Zero exposed metal on the underside, helping to prevent hot burns.
  • Long lasting design.
  • Extra large flames and long burn times.
  • Extra heavy heads.

Tech Specs

  • 90mm diameter Monkey Fist Head.
  • Total 6700mm of 12.5mm Kevlar rope wicking.
  • Weight: 480g per pair.