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Oddballs Multi-Function LED Poi


A pair of multi-function LED poi from Oddballs.

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These Oddballs Multi-Function LED poi give a huge range of dazzling effects at the touch of a button and the straight forward functions menu makes them easy to navigate.

Pressing once switches them on in mode A.
Pressing once again will cycle through the settings within the chosen mode.
Pressing twice quickly will cycle to the next mode.
Pressing and holding, will switch them off.

These are the functions available:

Mode A:
1. Color change – red > green > blue > yellow > indigo > purple > orange > white
2. Color fade – red > orange > yellow > green > indigo > blue > purple
3. Rainbow strobe – red, green, blue, yellow, indigo, purple, orange, white strobe
4. White/red > white/green > white/blue > white/yellow > white/indigo > white/purple > white/orange
5. Green/orange > yellow/indigo > purple/blue
6. Red/blue irregular

Mode B:
1. 8 single color + rainbow dots
2. Red dots + yellow/green blocks
3. Yellow dots + pink/indigo blocks
4. 8 single color dots -> blocks
5. Rainbow dots > blocks
6. White dots + purple/green blocks

Mode C:
1. Red
2. Green
3. Blue
4. Yellow
5. Indigo
6. Purple
7. Orange
8. White

These LED poi are perfect for beginners and children, or anyone who is looking to get multi-function LED poi on a budget.  This is a reliable and affordable LED light toy.

Each poi uses 3 x LR44 cell batteries and provides up to 8 hours of use.  Batteries are included.
If you would like spare batteries, you can buy a pack of 10 X LR44 Batteries.

Please note you may have to remove the paper protection between included batteries before first use!


  • High quality nylon cords with double-loop nylon handles.
  • Easy cord length adjustment.
  • Light diffusing outer surface.
  • Single button for switching on/off and changing modes.
  • Batteries included (takes 3 x LR44 batteries per ball).
  • Comes in a UV coloured nylon drawstring bag.

Tech Specs

  • 70mm diameter soft plastic ball.
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life.
  • Weight: 100g per poi, including ball and cord.