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Pair of Fire Snakes from Home of Poi


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Fire Snakes.  Kind of like fire poi, with longer flames.
Each measuring 79cm long, and 25mm thick, this pair of fire rope poi leave massive beautiful wings and sheets of fire.  The quality of materials and craftsmanship of Home of Poi is top-notch.   They come with comfortable double loop leather handles.  This is an awesome fire performance prop.

Experienced users only!  Be careful to avoid techniques inside your arms (eg: buzzsaws), and keep them moving.  Never hold them still for too long or the flames will burn up to your hands.  It also just looks better when you keep them moving 😉

Always use extreme caution when playing with fire snakes.  For information on fire safety, check out this Fire Safety Guide.


  • Single Loop V2 handles.
  • Solid design.
  • Long life wicks.
  • Detachable cords.


Tech Specs

  • Strong, heat resistant twist link chain.
  • Detachable cords for separate storage.
  • Pair of 79cm long, 25mm diameter long life kevlar/glass rope secured into aluminium protective sleeves.
  • Heat resisting 3mm stainless steel quick links.
  • 320g weight per pair.