Kevlar® Sewing Thread Snap Spool


A spool of Kevlar thread for sewing fire prop wicks.

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Pure Kevlar thread, on a snap spool.

This is for those who like making their own equipment, like sewing together belts and ropes, or repairing your burnt out wicks.  Sewing a fire prop wick instead of using screws, bolts, or rivets means there will be less exposed metal, so it’s safer that way.

Available in 11m and 30m lengths.  Get yourself 11m of thread if you only need to sew a few wicks, or 30m if you want enough to sew a whole bunch of toys.


  • Super strong 100% Kevlar ®
  • Long lasting and durable

Tech Specs:

  • Length: 11m or 30m per spool
  • Breaking point: 12.5 kg