Kendama Europe – Play PRO II Kendama


The Kendama Play Pro II, certified for competition play by the EKA.



Kendama (traslated as “sword” [and] “ball”) is a skill toy from Japan that has quickly grown in popularity around the world.  It strengthens hand-eye coordination, balance and reflexes. With countless tricks, trick variations and combos there are loads of reasons to get your hands on this interesting and exciting prop.

This is the Kendama Play Pro II from Kendama Europe.  It is their top quality competition level kendama, certified for competition play by the EKA.

Made of Premium German Beechwood for a fully balanced Tama (ball) and Ken (body), and painted with incredibly durable paint that strikes a perfect balance between grippy and shiny, these kendamas are high quality from toe to tip.  The specially chosen glossy paint is incredibly chip resistant, meaning your tama will stay glossy and beautiful after hours of missed spikes and practice.

Designed by Kendama Europe in the heart of Germany, these are precision engineered sustainability in mind using only sustainably sourced raw materials and are socially responsible in their production.

This Kit comes in a nifty box, and even includes a sticker, replacement string (ito), a replacement bead (bidama), and a string replacement tool.

Us here at Flow DNA have quickly become addicted to our Kendama, playing with it every chance we get!  Definitely not as easy as it looks, it is a wonderful challenge that provides a great sense of satisfaction.  We look forward to seeing this prop in the hands of children and adults alike.


  • Made from Premium German Beechwood.
  • Chip resistant, glossy paint for the Tama.
  • Competition certified.
  • Available in 3 colours.
  • Sustainably produced.
  • Includes a sticker, a replacement string, a replacement bead and a string replacement tool.

Tech Specs:

  • Ken (body) weight: 75g
  • Tama (ball) weight: 75g

We have attached a cool video put together by Kendama Europe so you can see what is possible with this awesome skill toy.  Follow this link to get started learning tricks yourself –>!