Luminart Pixel Sticks by Juggle Dream

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Finally a set of pixel poi type LED poi that you can easily get your hands on in South Africa.  With Luminart Pixel Sticks, Juggle Dream have created a simple, beautiful, affordable pixel technology suitable for both professional performers and flow enthusiasts alike.

These poi are quite basic compared to Pixel Poi®, and they are not programmable.  They come pre-programmed with 21 colourful pixel trail patterns + a demo mode.  Luminart Pixel Sticks are for when you want to make bands of pixelated light painting with your poi, in a far more affordable way than any other pixel poi we’ve found (and we’ve been looking for a long time).  The Luminart are also more comfortable to play than many pixel poi, as they have shorter light-sticks and comfortable cords and handles.  They have a quality-tested durability, with a 6 month manufacturer warranty.


  • Luminart Pixel Sticks come pre-programmed with 21 patterns + a demo mode.
  • Adjustable 6mm Cole cords, No.10 Bearing swivels and single loop handles.
  • Each pixel head contains 30 RGB LEDs (15 per side) generating a stunning selection of arrows, circles, sine waves and other funky abstract and geometric patterns.
  • To cycle through the functions menu simply press the power button next to the micro USB charging ports and press and hold to switch on/off.
  • 6 month warranty against manufacturing faults.

Tech Specs

  • Pixel head diameter: 29mm
  • Pixel head length: 204mm
  • Overall length: 480mm (adjustable)
  • Weight: 125g each, including handles, cords, with both poi = 270 grams
  • 30 Pixel points per head. 15 per side – 200mm long pixel bank
  • Fitted with 6mm Cole cord, a No.10 Bearing swivel and loop handles.
  • Rechargeable batteries.  Twin USB charging cable supplied
  • Playing time 2.5- 3.5 hours depending on function
  • Charging time 2 hours