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Juggle Dream 50mm Beginner Fire Poi


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An affordable set of quality fire poi ideal for beginners.  These have relatively small flames that are not too daunting.  They will burn for around three minutes (probably longer the first few times).

Each head consists of 470mm of 50mm wide 100% aramid fibre wick, wrapped into a slightly flattened cylinder shape.

Supplied with nylon double-loop handles riveted on the ends of 43cm of link chain.  You can shorten the chain by shifting the extra-strong keyrings to different links.

The Juggle Dream range of fire poi are designed to get you spinning fire on a minimal budget. However no compromise is made on safety.  It is clear to see they are well made, from decent quality materials. We can confirm that every part of the construction is designed to be safe and reliable to use.

Always use caution when playing with fire poi.  For information on fire safety, check out this Fire Safety Guide.


  • 100% Aramid fibre wick
  • Double loop nylon webbing handles

Tech Specs

  • 470mm of 50mm wick per poi head
  • 43cm link chain
  • Total length: 60cm
  • Poi head diameter: 40mm