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Juggle Dream Fire Eating Stick


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Juggle Dream specially designed this Fire Eating Stick with fire eating and body burning in mind.  The shaft is constructed from wood covered with a silver foil covering.   They attached the aramid fibre head with staples sunk below the surface of the wick, rather than screws.

This stick was constructed in this way because wood does not conduct heat, and there is no exposed metal.   This means that you are much less likely burn your mouth or body with the stick and there is no chance of getting metal brandings on yourself.

Always use caution when fire eating .  For information on fire safety, check out this Fire Safety Guide.
Flow DNA does not recommend fire eating, body burning or fire breathing.   By their nature, these performance arts cause damage to the human body even when caution is taken, and are potentially lethal.  They should only be practiced by responsible, adult performers with the appropriate training and safety knowledge.


  • The 50mm wick is free of any copper mesh and is 100% aramid fibre (Fibreglass free, therefore non-itchy).
  • The Shaft is made of wood which is not likely to heat up.
  • No exposed metal.

Tech Specs

  • Total Length:      384mm
  • Wick:      50mm
  • Width:            30mm
  • Weight:          60g