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Juggle Dream Mini Scarf Poi


Brightly coloured mini scarf poi, great for children!



Just like the Juggle Dream Scarf Poi, just shrunk down a bit to suit the smaller portion of the human race 🙂

The chiffon flags have been hemmed around the edges to stop fraying and are available in 6 colours.  You can use them like flag poi by pinching one corner of the square chiffon scarf.  Just like the larger version, their super soft heads are very forgiving for beginners, making these very pretty poi ideal for festivals and workshops.

The soft heads connected to a tough cord by a strong swivel ensure minimal tangling of the tails.  Spin your poi with ease using the nylon double finger loops attached to the end of the cord.  Each set of poi is supplied in a neat, fabric drawstring bag.


  • Colourful, lightweight chiffon scarf tail.
  • Soft padded heads.
  • Head connected by swivel.
  • Strong nylon cords.
  • Double finger loop handles.

Tech Specs:

  • Weight per pair: 170g
  • Poi Length (from handle to end head): 53cm