Juggle Dream Lunar Spin LED Diabolo V2


The Lunar Spin LED Diabolo V2 from Juggle Dream is a medium-sized fixed axle diabolo with shiny LED light units attached.  If  you prefer your diabolos to have bearings on the axle, we also stock the Juggle Dream Big Top LED Diabolo.  Or you can get a different diabolo and attach the Diabolo LED kits yourself.

Remember to charge your LED props!

Sold individually without handsticks.

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The Juggle Dream Lunar Spin LED Diabolo V2 is a high-quality diabolo with built-in LED lights, providing a mesmerizing light show while spinning. Designed for both beginners and advanced players, this diabolo features a wide axle for stable spins and durable plastic cups for optimal spin. The LED lights can be easily turned on and off, allowing for dazzling performances both day and night. With its sleek design and vibrant colors, this diabolo is perfect for diabolo enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. This is the upgraded version 2 of the popular Juggle Dream Lunar Spin Diabolo.

Regular diabolos have a nut on the end of the axle, with this LED diabolo, the LED light unit is the nut, so to tighten the diabolo or remove the light unit to change batteries, you simply untwist both light units at the same time.  It is a good idea to tighten the diabolo after each play anyway, as during play the two cups can work themselves loose.

Each kit is fitted with 3 powerful LEDs (1/red, 1/green and 1/blue).  Supplied with 6 x LR44 Batteries in the light units.  A set of batteries will give up to 4 hours glow.

This diabolo does not come with handsticks.  Follow the links provided for top quality handsticks – Superglass, Super Grind and Aluminium Handsticks.


  • Fitted with Juggle Dream LED kits (Red, Blue and Green).
  • Axle Type: Fixed – Steel
  • Beginner – Advanced

Tech Specs

  • Cup Diameter: 105mm
  • Width: 125m
  • Weight: 222g