Hoop Flow Love Polypro Hoop




Polypro hoops are great for the next phase of your hoop journey. Being light weight and highly responsive to your body’s movement they are the best hoops for fast and effortless hooping.

Coloured polypro varies in brightness and transparency depending on what was imported. Pipe comes in 3/4″ Standard pipe size only.

Polypro hoops are recommended for advanced hoopers. We recommend you take a look at these polypro notes from Hoop Flow Love.

Polypro notes from Hoop Flow Love:

  • Yes, we know some beginners who started on polypro, but test it first.
  • Mad passionate hoopers can crack this pipe!!!
  • The cold has been known to make it more brittle too.
  • All our polpro hoops have spring clips for coiling.
  • Polypro hoops should NOT BE COILED ALL THE WAY unless you purchase a Cradle.
  • Best poly pro sizes 91cm (36″); 86cm (34″)

Loving your hoop:

  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • If your hoop becomes misshapen however; leave it in the sun for a few minutes and then hoop with it LOTS to get the shape back.
  • Keep cool and dry.
  • Avoid tossing on rough surfaces.
  • Important: Please do not leave your hoops in a hot car because the tape/glue will melt and peel.

There are a limited number of sizes in each colour, the size will appear next to the colour in the drop down menu.  Please see the key and video below when choosing your hoop style:

Size Key:
  • Adult XSmall: 91cm
  • Kids Large: 86cm