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Home of Poi 5-Wick Spider Fire Fans (White)


A lightweight, sleek and elegant fire fan design for any visually appealing performance routine.

Sold in pairs



These Spider Fire Fans from Home of Poi have a lightweight, sleek and elegant design with durability and comfort in mind.

They have well balanced finger spin rings and the unique HoP original handle design for comfort and control.  The outer spokes are thicker for protection and strength while the inner spokes are thinner for optimum weight.

There is no exposed metal on the wicks, so no metal burns.  The wicks are stitched on so no glue is used, which means maximum soakage for longer burn times.  This also means they are easily replaceable, if you need Kevlar thread, go here.

Always use caution when playing with fire fans.  For information on fire safety, check out this Fire Safety Guide.


  • Lightweight, durable design.
  • Finger spin rings.
  • HoP handle design for comfort and control.
  • No exposed metal on the wicks.
  • No glue used.
  • Replaceable wicks.

Tech Specs:

  • 5 x 50mm wide Kevlar® wick on each fan.
  • Fan Width: 585mm
  • Fan Height: 395mm
  • Weight: 395g per fan