Home of Poi Extra Large Twista Wicks (Pair)


Top of the line Extra Large Twista fire Poi heads from Home of Poi.

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This pair of Extra Large Twista Fire Poi wicks comes highly recommended from us at Flow DNA for advanced spinners.  They have a great weight and feel to them with huge flames that are sure to impress!

Heat resistant strong stainless steel eyebolts and fender washers secure a total of 5600mm of super extra thick fuel absorbing Kevlar wicking.  Securely folded and bound for maximum safety and long life.  With care this fire head can last well over 12 months of use!

Buy chain with single loop handles here.

Buy knob handles here. (easily attached to the single loop for tosses)

Always use caution when playing with fire poi.  For information on fire safety, check out this Fire Safety Guide.


  • Very large flames with an extra long burn time.
  • No exposed metal on the underside, or large metal washers on the top, preventing hot metal burns.
  • Nice and heavy for those spinners who enjoy a slower, more controlled flow.
  • Home of Poi says it’s their best value for money fire head.

Tech Specs:

  • Strong 4mm eyebolt.
  • Wick height: 110mm, with eyebolt: 125mm
  • Total 5600mm of 25mm x 6.4mm thick long life Kevlar wicking.
  • Weight per pair: 400g