Pair of Empty Coloured Foxy Sock Poi from Home of Poi


A pair of empty stretchy sock poi, add your own ball.



Home of Poi’s signature Foxy Sock Poi are made with super smooth nylon spandex and are a favourite over here at Flow DNA.

If you are having some difficulty learning wraps or hyperloops, then we highly recommend giving these a try. They are also great for learning at pretty much any level.

Sold empty, without weights.

There is a side opening that allows you to any kind of weight into them that you want, such as hacky sacks, juggling balls, LED products, or anything else you like.  Consider adding 2 of these juggling balls.  We also sell sock poi with 70g juggling ball weights, in a drawstring bag.  Wrap the soft tails around your hands and go spinning!

White socks show up LED products best. White and pink socks also glow under UV light.


  • Made with a super smooth high-grade nylon spandex to slide off the body with ease.
  • Spandex allows a helpful buffer and spring effect for easier hyperloops, wraps and other similar moves.
  • Side opening allows you to insert your own tennis ball, hacky sack, LED product or anything else you can imagine!

Tech specs

  • Super stretch high-grade nylon spandex.
  • Length: 600mm.