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Composite LED CONTACT staff rig w/o lights – 4-capsule V2 by Flowtoys


Already have capsule lights and flowcaps? Add them to this rig and get the world’s favorite glow contact staff.

Composite contact staffs have ultra-strong, lightweight carbon fiber shafts that are thin yet rigid – all the qualities you want in a contact staff for effortless flow. Great for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Sold individually without capsule lights or flowcaps.



This composite contact flowstaff includes:

  • 1x carbon fiber shaft with holographic deco tape and custom elastomer grip
  • 2x 2CX polycarbonate tubes
  • 2x screw-in 3D-printed compression connectors
  • 4x flowmass
  • so many moments of learning & effortless flow


  • space-age carbon fiber shafts – effortless flow
  • ultra-strong yet lightweight – thin yet rigid
  • custom elastomer super grip
  • 3d-printed screw-in compression connectors
  • capsule 2.0 – amazing LED light w/ wireless control
  • modular parts fit together for a solid, durable contact staff with the bonus of interchangeable & upgradeable parts
  • all components custom-made to tight tolerances and specifications

Tech Specs


  • Diameter: 15mm OD/11mm ID carbon fiber | 2mm inner wall thickness | 17mm OD total with elastomer grip
  • Length: Available in several standard length options.
  • Center-point mark: 1″ wide black deco tape
  • Grip: custom super-grip elastomer | 1mm thickness

Staff Ends

  • Tubes: 2CX (23.3cm / 9.1″) | accommodates up 2 capsule lights | 1″OD and 7/8″ID | polycarbonate
  • Flowmass: 2x flowmass per end | 30g/ea