Flowgeng Solid-Shape by Flow DNA


Proudly made by Flow DNA, a pair of the ultimate S-staffs, Flowgeng – Solid-shape version.


Flow DNA is proud to present: Flowgeng!  Handmade right here in South Africa.  The result of many years of experimentation with S-Staffs and Buugeng.

Inspired by the shapes of Buugeng and other S-staffs, these are intended to be an improvement on every S-staff design that came before them, providing the perfect feeling flow experience.  They are short enough to perform inside the arms, and the trailing curve is orientated to glide along a smooth path. They are also intended to be ideal for 4-geng play, where 2 s-staffs are held in each hand.

This version has the same basic shape as the original Flowgeng V1.0, except that it does not have cutouts. It is therefore slightly heavier.

S-staffs and Buugeng are performance props designed to create optical illusions, playing on our persistence of vision to imitate motion blur (like the “rubber pencil illusion”), as if they are moving fast, but actually slow… Curves overlapping each other create interesting effects. People will be mesmerised as they watch you play with these.

Made from aviation grade birch plywood – Super strong. The magnet connections are flat, and the edges are rounded and smoothed to slide within your hands, which feels great.  The center magnet allows for convenient folding and unfolding actions during a performance.


  • Machine cut and hand-routed aviation-grade birch plywood shapes.
  • Each staff is made of 2 pieces connected with 6 strong rare earth magnets.  So a set consists of 4 pieces to create 2 staffs.
  • Can be connected in different configurations, or collapsed for transport.
  • Magnet in the middle of the handle for interesting configurations and explorations.
  • Smoothly routed handles, to encourage sliding in a loose grip.
  • Designed to be suitable for 4-geng manipulations (2 in each hand).
  • Lightweight for easy finger twirling.  This solid shape has slightly more heft than our Flowgeng with cutouts.
  • Finished with multiple layers of eco-friendly shellac like a custom guitar.

Tech specs

  • Length in S-Shape configuration: 83cm
  • Length in collapsed configuration: 48cm
  • Thickness: 9.5mm thick birch ply wood.
  • Weight: 333g (13.11 oz) per staff.