Flow DNA Sock Poi with 100g Juggling Balls


Locally made, minimal stretch, affordable sock poi with specially made weights.

Available while stocks last.

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Flow DNA Sock Poi are locally made here in Cape Town. They are made from soft material with a very slight stretch which gives them a great feel.  Averaging at around 80cm long these sock poi are a good length for adjusting to your needs, loop handles and ball handles are easily attached with some MacGuyver skills, if you would like handles attached for you then please ask us (info@flowdna.co.za) so we can make a plan for you!

The weights included are specially-made, low-fill juggling balls that are nice and soft when they hit you.  They can also easily be replaced through the open slit on the side.  If you would like juggling balls of different weights you can purchase some here.  If you would like heavier juggling ball weights we can also easily arrange that for you, just contact us.

Flow DNA Sock Poi are available in a range of funky styles with matching drawstring bags.

Available in these styles while stocks last.


  • Made from soft material easy on the hands, with a good amount of bounce but minimal stretch.
  • Slit on the side for adding/replacing weights.
  • Specially made juggling ball weight.
  • Comes with a drawstring bag.

Tech Specs:

  • 80cm average length
  • 100g juggling ball weights included