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Flow DNA Ribbon Poi


A pair of wonderfully colourful and soft ribbon poi.



Flow DNA Ribbon Poi – a hybrid between sock and ribbon poi that we’re very excited to be putting on the market!

These ribbon poi are locally made here in Cape Town, and we designed them ourselves (with notable help from Warren’s better half, Amy, and Duncan’s mom.)  We’ve combined the best of both worlds – super soft single loop handles with ball bearing swivels, easily adjustable cords, lovely low stretch fabric with a slit to easily choose your weight, low fill juggling balls, and high quality ribbons selected and arranged to give a wonderful display.  This is all colourfully arranged in 2 different styles, Fire and Water.  The ribbons come out of the bottom of the poi instead of the sides, that is because we’ve found it tends to tangle less when you stall the poi.

The weights included in the Flow DNA Ribbon Poi are specially made, low fill juggling balls that are nice and soft when they hit you.  We fill them with 100g of rice.  If you would like juggling balls of different weights you can purchase some here.  If you would like heavier juggling ball weights we can also easily arrange that for you, just pop us an email when you order!

Knob handles can easily be attached to single loop handles, so let us know if you’d like us to add some to your order!


  • Easily adjustable cords.
  • Super soft single loop handles.
  • 2 swivels to minimize tangling.
  • Removable low-fill juggling ball weights.
  • High quality colourful ribbon.
  • Ribbon exits at the bottom to help not tangle when stalling.

Tech Specs:

  • Juggling ball weight each: 100g
  • Longest cord length (from handle to end of poi): 65cm
  • Ribbon length: Between 70cm and 90cm