Flow DNA Contact Poi – 90mm


High quality contact poi made by Flow DNA!  Enjoy the world of contact poi!

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Flow DNA Contact Poi are made in South Africa using balls and knobs imported from Europe, and locally-sourced rope.

Made from Play Juggling balls with matte 90mm stage balls and silicone poi knob handles with a coloured 10mm polyester tether, these contact poi are built to last!  The rope has a squishyness to it that is very comfortable, and slides through your hands so well for those penguin tosses.

These are weighted at 250g per poi, making them easier to control and flow nice and slowly.  We recommend a length of around 60cm for contact poi (these are just over at 62cm), this allows for contact rolls to be much easier and slows your spinning down, giving you more time to learn tricks.  Even if you’re used to short poi, it won’t hurt to learn how to spin with longer ones.  Remember you can always wrap them up to make them shorter, you can’t make them longer though.  If you would like them shorter, please see the video below on how to adjust them.


Colourful balls on some rope.

High quality materials used to lower the risk of splitting/tears on the poi head.

Grippy and squishy 90mm Play Juggling poi head.

Weighted knob handle.

Tech Specs:

Weight: 250g per individual poi

Head Diameter: 90mm

Knob Weight: 35g

Rope Diameter: 10mm

Length (from start of tether to end of head): approx. 62cm