Firetoys Individual Fire Hoop Wick


A removable fire hoop wick from Firetoys.

Sold individually.

Does not come with a hoop.

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This fire hoop wick can quickly clip onto your hoop to instantly turn your regular hula hoop into a fire hoop.  They will fit any hula hoop made from 20mm diameter tubing, and can be easily removed.

The high quality stainless steel is capable of absorbing the impact from drops and limits the heat transfer from the wick to the hoop.

The wicks are made from a 350mm length of 50mm wide para-aramid webbing rolled into a wick that is approximately 35mm in diameter.  This fire hoop wick will give you decent size flames with a good burn time.  The wicks will be approximately 10cm from the hoop when attached

The clamps, that attach the spine to the hoop, are also high grade stainless steel.  These clamps fit 25mm hoops but will also fit hoops made with 20mm tubing by using the silicone shim which is included with each wick.  The clamps and can be loosened, tightened or opened completely with a flat head screwdriver (Instructions are provided).


Always use caution when playing with fire.  For information on fire safety, check out this Fire Safety Guide.


  • Removable wicks and clip onto hoops quickly and easily.
  • Fits hoops from 20mm – 25mm in diameter.
  • Spines made from high quality stainless steel.
  • Wicks made from para-aramid webbing.
  • Includes a silicone shim for thinner hoops.

Tech Specs:

  • Weight: 52g.
  • Wicks stand approximately 10cm from hoop.
  • Made with 350mm of 50mm wide para-aramid webbing.