Firetoys Classic Chain Fire Poi


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The Classic Chain Fire Poi are the latest intermediate level fire poi from Firetoys.  They have done away with the central metal core giving you 20% more wick! The flame size remains the same as older designs but the extra wick means you get a better burn time.

The poi heads are removable thanks to a quick link that attaches them to the chain.  You may need some pliers to open and close the quicklink but it allows you to swap your poi heads, or use these standard poi heads with other chain and handle setups.

Another new feature are the twisted link chains instead of the oval link chains.  The stainless steel twisted link chain, which is made specially for their poi, provide even more strength than the old chrome plated, mild steel oval link chain did.

These sleek fire poi are free from any unnecessary clunky components: The super smooth #7 swivel by the handle is TIG welded onto the chains to remove unnecessary quick links.  The swivel connects the assembly to the industrial strength but comfortable nylon double loop finger handles.

The wicks are 65mm wide which gives you a decent size flame making these fire poi ideal for all levels: not so big they make poi spinning daunting but large enough to have a good impact on stage.  If you’re new to fire poi and want smaller flames have a look at the Mini Whizzer fire poi.  Or, if you’re a looking for something more substantial, check out the Cathedral fire poi.

All the bolts are counter sunk, reducing the chance of burns and making them one of the safest fire poi on the market.

All Firetoys branded fire props are manufactured in their sustainably powered, 1700 square foot workshop in Brighton, UK.

Always use caution when spinning fire poi.  For information on fire safety, check out this Fire Safety Guide.


  • Stainless steel oval twisted link chain
  • Nylon double-loop handles
  • No keyrings
  • Single quicklink on the wick end for securely fastening, and potentially changing wicks.
  • Firetoys quality para-aramid fire wick.
  • Tubeless cylinder-wrap design fire head.
  • Presented in nifty cardboard packaging with detailed information.

Tech Specs:

  • Poi Wick Width: 65mm
  • Wick Length (per head): 70cm
  • Weight: 285g per pair (Approx)