FiberHead 80 replacement for PixelWhip


A spare/replacement fibre head for the FiberFlies PixelWhip.
PixelWhip handle not included.

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Is your PixelWhip looking a little bit over used?  Have you been enjoying it just way too much?  Wanting spare FiberHead 80 just in case?

Well maybe it’s time to replace your fibres with a FiberHead 80!  These are compatible with all the versions of FiberFlies PixelWhips and will get your whip looking good as new for half the price of a full whip.

So whether you want a backup, or you need to give your whip a new life, this is just for you.

This is the regular FiberHead with 80 fibre optic strands.  Supplied with a bag for protecting the fibres in transit.