Threeworlds EPDM Grip (per metre)


Replacement grip for when your staff’s grip gets worn down, or for gripping a new staff.  This is the same EPDM grip that they use on Threeworlds Fusion staffs.

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EPDM is a type of synthetic rubber known for its durability against environmental wear and tear.  This grip is tacky and padded with all the hard-wearing benefits.
EPDM stays grippy even even when wet, which makes it better suited than silicone for playing in very cold or humid climates.

It has a cushioned feel with a 2mm thickness, perfect for softening catches, this makes it great for beginners and experienced spinners alike.  It is a favourite amongst Dragon Staff and Contact Staff spinners worldwide due to its high grippiness.

How much grip will I need to regrip my 22mm Fusion Staff?
For each meter you would like to cover you will require 2.7 metres of EPDM grip.

Please note that it does leave some black residue on skin after use as the foam is uncoated to maximise grip and it will need to be replaced after a while once it wears out.

EPDM Grip does not have an adhesive backing so we recommend applying double-sided tape to it to help fit it to your staff, or you could use glue, but it’s messier.

Tech Specs

Width = 25mm
Thickness = 2mm