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Duncan Wheels – Beginner Yo-Yo 2016 Transaxle version


The re-released Duncan Wheels Yo-Yo, now with a transaxle for longer spin times!

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Sometimes it’s fun to re-release a design classic!  The Wheels yo-yo was originally developed by Duncan in the mid 70s.

This is a new, redesigned version of the Wheels yo-yo, re-released by Duncan in 2016.  Compared to the older versions, it has a more modern touch.  Instead of a Reslon-coated fixed axle, it features a plastic transaxle sleeve as large as a C-bearing.  It also boasts a take-apart design, and a pair of bearing seats, so that the user could swap in a C-bearing for even longer spinning.  Like the original, however, the side caps come in different designs and colors.

Supplied in a convenient blister pack that keeps it clean and safe until you can have the pleasure of opening the package (the second most fun part of getting your toy).

The Duncan Wheels yo-yo comes in different cap designs.  You can choose a colour as you add to cart, but the cap will be random (our supplier doesn’t give us the option either).  If you want a specific cap design, feel free to ask us for more info on our stock on hand.


  • Plastic C-bearing size transaxle sleeve
  • Plastic body with a take-apart design for easily untying knots.
  • Looks like awesome truck wheels!!!

Tech Specs

  • Shape: Butterfly
  • Diameter: 55.93mm
  • Width: 36.68mm
  • Weight: 49.6g
  • Player Level: Beginner
  • Style: 1A
  • Body Material: Plastic
  • Axle Type: Plastic transaxle sleeve
  • Response System: Starburst