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Braided 12.5mm Kevlar® Rope (per metre)


Thicker Kevlar® rope for making large monkey fist fire poi heads.

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Sold by the metre.

A 12.5mm thick braided Kevlar® rope fire wick, based around the durable Kevlar ® organic (para-aramid) fibre, and enhanced with HoP’s special blend of non-irritating clothing grade fibreglass yarn. The continuous filament fibre is brilliant at balancing absorbency, strength, durability, fire rating and user comfort.

This wick creates a capillary effect for soaking fuel and transferring it out to the flame, and does not contain any asbestos or any sharp or skin burning metallic thread.

This thickness will make large 90mm monkey fist ball heads.


  • Kevlar ® based durability
  • Non-stretch
  • Non-irritating
  • Absorbent, strong and durable
  • No asbestos or skin burning metallic thread
  • Wick is comfortable and does not heat up


Tech Specs

  • 12.5mm thick braided Kevlar® rope fire wick