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Home of Poi Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball – Glitter UV – 95mm


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A single Clear UV-reactive acrylic contact ball with sparkly glitter UV light dispersed through the ball, measuring 95mm in diameter.  Because of the extra weight and size, these are particularly good for isolations and body-roll moves.

Acrylic contact ball performances are one of the most spectacular skills to watch.  A highly demanding and rewarding form of juggling.  Once mastered, the ball appears to be manipulated as if by magic.  Especially with this mesmerizing glitter UV effect.

Unlike polycarbonate balls, acrylic has no resistance when rubbed against acrylic, making your multiball stacks smooth and easy, and perfect for isolations.  These balls are made using optical grade material which is free of internal distortions, seamless, one piece and highly polished.



  • Sparkling glitter UV-reactive ball with glitter.
  • Great for isolations.
  • Durable, chip resistant and virtually shatterproof.
  • No seams – due to a solid one piece design.
  • Includes a beautiful black carrying pouch.

Tech specs

  • Diameter: 95mm .
  • Weight: 600g.