Come Learn Flow Arts with Flow DNA and FireTribe!

To book a lesson, go check out this webpage: Flow Arts Training

Duncan is a qualified fitness instructor, and has been teaching a wide variety of flow arts and juggling props since 2010.  Warren specialises in advanced poi spinning technique.
We love to share our passion for anything that spins, and are available for lessons in conjunction with FireTribe!

Flow Arts Lessons Include:

Most classes will have some focus on the following topics:

  • Bodywork fundamentals: poi-fu (arm-spinning), footwork, posture.
  • Coordination development exercises and split-brain thinking (eg: doing 2 different things with each hand).
  • Rhythm, speed variation, and timing.
  • Geometry theory.

Poi Lessons:

  • Poi fundamentals.
  • Flower patterns including anti-spin and in-spin compound circle variations, and 3rd-order motions (Zan’s Diamond etc).
  • Plane bending and toroids, plane switching and cubing, multi-plane spinning.
  • Isolations and body tracers.
  • Tosses, juggling, and contact poi.
  • Meteor spinning (2-poi in one hand, or with a meteor).
  • 3-poi spinning and juggling.
  • 4-poi spinning.

Staff  and S-Staff/Buugeng Lessons:

  • Single staff fundamentals.
  • Double staff fundamentals.
  • Buugeng and S-Staff fundamentals.
  • Buugeng and S-Staff body tracers.
  • Flower patterns, isolations, and hybrids.
  • Intro to contact staff, including neck rolls, conveyors, and fishtails.

Juggling Lessons:

  • How to juggle 3 balls for the first time.
  • Beginner to intermediate 3 ball juggling patterns.
  • Juggle 3 clubs for the first time (If you can juggle 3 balls).
  • Club spinning.
  • Flower sticks fundamentals (AKA rhythm sticks, AKA juggling sticks, AKA devil sticks).
  • Advanced flower sticks lessons, including compound circles and contact sticks.
  • Double flower sticks fundamentals.

Other Introductory Level Lessons Include:

  • Puppyhammer, AKA Crow-Style, AKA Oxbow Hammer
  • Flow-wand
  • Fans